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The reasons for you choosing to visit this page are likely to be different to anyone else’s……and yet there will be some common themes in your interest for coaching.

I work with professional clients and individuals who all have unique stories. In this website you will find more information about me, who I help, testimonials and ways that we can work together. If you don’t see the right package for you, get in touch here – as individuals I respect the need for flexibility with my clients.

By getting in touch we can work together to find the right option for you or create a bespoke option for you or your organisation.

I have created this page to direct you to the most appropriate section on the website.

Laura Cadman - Confidence Coach

This section is for self-funding individuals looking to:

Reduce anxiety
Increase confidence
Feel more balanced
Increase self-belief
Laura Cadman - Confidence Coach

This section is for corporate bodies or professionals looking to:

Beat Imposter Syndrome & Reduce Anxiety
Communicate more effectively
Harness your potential
Increase productivity, resilience and motivation for yourself or for a team