Laura continues to work with myself and the leadership team at the Society. From the very first moment she has demonstrated expertise in her profession by showing an understanding of what our leaders require and how she can support and challenge us as individuals and as a wider team to become more confident leaders and a more cohesive and productive team. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Laura to anyone who may be considering investing in her services.
Having worked with Laura now for over 3 months, I highly recommend the Coaching Support.

This was an intensive program of focused learning allowing me to dig deep into the core issues and deal with them, giving me some reliable techniques and tools to use now going forward as I need them.

The sessions were flexible, allowing me to face any issues arising as we went. For me the whole process was highly transformative, I completely trust Laura and felt able to be open and honest to face any limiting beliefs. I have learnt lots about how to program my brain to serve me best and to recognise successes and celebrate them.

This coaching is one of the best work decisions I've certainly made and I look forward to working with Laura again in the future.
Laura is so wonderfully encouraging and has really helped me focus where I would like to direct my energy.

I worked with Laura because I wanted to be the best leader I could be. I wanted to be able to bring people with me on a journey to success. I'm enthusiastic, a motivator and inspirer but often worry about what others think. I was looking for validation everywhere but where it mattered!

One of the things Laura helped make me realise is that I am the only person responsible for my own success. Success is self created and largely through the words you tell yourself.... The way I describe myself to others and the way I describe myself in my inner most thoughts. It's about what I believe. Feeding your mind with positivity will change the way you feel and behave and for me created an inner confidence that enables me to put the need for others' validation to bed. A quiet confidence that I make good decisions. Thank you Laura!
Laura worked with us to create our 'Women's Network, Building Confidence and Resilience' programme. She understood our needs, created something that worked and engaged the users, but also had a huge impact on their confidence because they started to understand the impact they had on people, how to reframe that impact and it also gave them tools and techniques they could apply in work or in their personal lives. Laura totally pitched herself to her audience to make them feel comfortable, and I would love to work with her again. Thank you Laura
Everyone should see Laura. Not only had she helped me reframe and overcome challenges when I actually see her in person but continues to weekly when Laura’s voice in my head catches me reinforcing a self limiting belief and makes me cut it out. She’s excellent.
When I first started on my journey with Laura, I thought I was going to learn how to become a more efficient businesswoman and gain knowledge in how to be the best CEO I can be. But what Laura has actually taught me is that I WILL be the best and most efficient CEO if I believe I can be. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you rest your head at night, it's all about mindset. You are only as good as your mindset.
Laura Cadman has taught me to retrain my mindset for success - not just in business but in all areas of my life.

Her services have been invaluable through developing my thinking habits and ideas to increase my focus and drive like never before.

Her eye opening methods and nurturing approach as an NLP professional made me feel at ease in developing brand new ways of thinking to reach new heights in my productivity, clarity in my vision and to have the confidence to know I am capable of my ambitions.
I couldn't recommend Laura more highly to every business owner, or leader who is looking to take the next step in their path to truly discovering their real capabilities and enjoying every step along the way.
Laura shines a light into the depths of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. Her teaching style is easy to follow and engaging. I've only been working with her for a short time, but already I can see vast improvements in myself.

I found myself, at the beginning of lockdown, feeling like I wasn’t capable of running Fletcher’s Fund, and finding it all just a bit too much. My confidence had been knocked, and the prospect of navigating a national pandemic, being a mother, wife and charity founder / CEO / person that wears all the hats and whilst retaining some sense of who I was as an individual was just awful. Then I came across Laura, quite by chance, whilst looking for something else entirely. Laura was mentioned to me, as someone with a wealth of experience with imposter syndrome, which I was feeling in about every aspect of my life, but also with charity work.


She has given me back my confidence, self-belief and given me tools and ideas and a new way of thinking about it all, that no longer scares or overwhelms me, but fires me up and drives me to take on the (very many) challenges of running a small, busy charity and running with them to succeed. I asked Laura to take away the glass ceiling that I had placed on myself through fear of not being good enough, and my word, has she done that!


Watch out world – Fletcher’s Fund is coming for ya, and it’s a little bit brilliant – or as Laura would now tell me – it’s not a ‘little bit’, it’s really very brilliant!

 Thanks, Laura, you’re a star. And a lovely lovely human being to boot.

I felt that the training you gave us:
  • gave staff a valuable insight in to a different way of thinking
  • made us feel that it is ok not to feel ok (if you see what I mean)
  • we have the power of change within us
  • you were clear and precise in your delivery
  • the tasks were very good and understandable
  • everyone could participate
  • made us feel good in ourselves
  • good idea to have 1:1 and small group sessions
  • you fitted a lot in to a short space of time
  • it was refreshing not to be bombarded with an electronic presentation and Powerpoint overload
It was a great morning and all staff felt included and it was beneficial to them. We will need to do another session some time in the new year.