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Why are you here?

The fact you’re here means you’re more than likely in a position now or anticipating a time when you're going to be faced with challenges concerning confidence and self-belief.

If you find yourself:

  • Worrying about being ‘caught out’ at just winging it in your role/life/responsibilities
  • Feeling outsmarted/outdone by others despite your own achievements
  • Diminishing your accomplishments or being shy of your success
  • Setting yourself unrealistic targets and goals due to your high expectations of yourself

Then this is the right place for you.

We all have moments when our personal or professional resilience (or both) seems to waiver, the key to moving on is being able to work through these emotions to reach a place of what I like to call speedy ‘bouncebackability’ (yes, I am aware it’s not a real word!)

As a professional who has worked in a variety of senior roles, I have experienced these feelings all too well in the past – in fact most people I talk with have.  Statistics show that 70% of people in professional roles are with you on this.

It affects us outside of professional roles too, as a partner, parent, friend and generally as a person we can get lost in what is expected of us (or what we think is expected of us) and loose track of how to be happy and feel secure.

It’s important to recognise you are not alone. Your feelings are common and the good news is that they are completely normal. Not helpful… but normal.

Why do I feel like an imposter?

Why do you feel this way?

If you resonate with the statements above then I empathise, as do hundreds if not thousands of others around you.  The difference is that not many people talk about it.  For some reason we feel ashamed of these emotions and like they declare a weakness within us…… I mean who wants to admit feeling like a fraud?

Well I am happy to declare my hand here….

In the About Me section you can read more about my story which is a tale of a fast rise to the role of CEO and the mental and physical challenges I went through along the way, including the personal obstacles.

So, what’s to blame:

  • Fight or Flight Response - Your brain's desire to keep you safe
  • Re-Affirmation – Your brain's constant reminder why something will or will not work

Fight or Flight

This is a primal instinct triggered by the Autonomic Nervous System in the brain, it's designed to keep us safe from attack. In our primal days this was to keep us alive when threats were life or death.  Today it serves the same purpose except in the absence of sabre-tooth tigers our brain responds to challenges at work, difficult conversations, the arrival of a specific email, encounters with difficult people and trying a new thing in the same way.


Your unconscious brain is very literal – when it hears you say ‘I’m rubbish at spreadsheets’, ‘I can’t lead that meeting’, 'I'm not the perfect housewife' or ‘I’m not the right person for that job’ it believes you.  

So, in the depths of your mind it begins rummaging for examples…...’oh look, here’s the time you did hold a meeting and it was terrible.’  ‘and here’s a time when your spreadsheet was rubbish’, 'oh remember the perfect partner from that TV show!. 

There may have been many successful meetings and spreadsheets and times you were awesome at home in there too but your brain is doing its duty and reaffirming what you’ve told it to look for – the negative.

Feels good to be getting some clarity, doesn’t it?

So, thinking of a recent challenge, have you experienced any of the following classic fight or flight responses?

  • Quick and Shallow Breathing
  • Hot flushes
  • Sweating
  • Blotchy patches on the skin (particularly face and neck)
  • Anxious sick feeling
  • Stomach problems
  • Lack of libido
  • Shaking
  • Uncomfortable feelings in your stomach/ head or chest
  • Loss of motivation
  • Loss of feeling of self-worth
How Laura Cadman can help with imposter syndrome and confidence at work

How can I help?

As a coach I help people to increase their self-worth, confidence and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding them back.  Through this process you can truly develop into your full potential and begin a more fulfilling life.

I am a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and use NLP in my coaching methodology.  For more information on NLP click here.

In addition to being a Coach and NLP Master Practitioner I have an NVQ Level 7 in Strategic Leadership and Management and 15 years of management experience including very senior roles.  This experience supports the executive coaching element of my work.

I too have had challenges to overcome, times when i felt i was failing at life, relationships, career and doubting my abilities.  I understand this journey, I have experienced these challenges and I can vouch myself for the effect that NLP and coaching has had on my life, and this is the gift I want to share with you now.

The question is – are you ready?  For further information about how we can work together visit the Book a Call tab at the top of the page for further information.

Why do you want a better life?


We all have a ‘why’, a reason for wanting a better life.  I’ve explained mine in the About Me page and it’s good to be clear about yours for your discovery call,  if you need support getting to this point we can work this out together.

My clients have provided some fabulous feedback regarding my services which I am truly grateful for and am delighted to share with you, to read about them and their experiences just click here.