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You can achieve your goals and shift your mindset on your own 90-day journey.

This is for you if…

-     You are ready to regain control of your life and your mindset

-     You are excited to try a new approach and experience how transformational working with your unconscious mind can be

-     You have a desire to level-up your business/career/personal life but are worried about what it will take

-     You want to enjoy the journey and bring joy & happiness more into your day

-     You are ready to invest in yourself for the next level of success and abundance

This is a supportive one-to-one program to truly transform the way you show up in your life.


It will be perfect for you if you are seeking clarity, focus, accountability and deeply wanting to break through any limiting beliefs or ‘bad habits’ keeping you stuck.

In 90 days together we will:

Get really clear on what success looks like/sounds like/feels like for you


Set meaningful goals that you are motivated to achieve and deal with procrastination


Create a 90-day plan to move you towards success


Hold weekly 40 minute calls (12 weeks) to help you focus, keep you accountable and help with any other issues as they arise


Conduct a life audit to help you identify patterns and habits that both inspire and motivate, and hold you back


Use NLP techniques to guide you through removing your limiting beliefs and blocks which are holding you back


Identify which affirmations will help you to focus on achieving your goals and learn to embed them in everyday life


Complete a three-stage resilience workbook to make sure your results are sustainable, changing your life forever.

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