Laura has taught me mental exercises that have helped me to remove the anxiety associated with starting and progressing large projects.

I’m pleased to say that since using the exercises, and other practical assistance provided, I’m now well on my to achieving my goals.

I’m more productive, less stressed and most importantly of all, I have more free time!

Thank you

Thank you for being such an AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATING coach.

Laura, I have just watched your video from Wednesday. It was amazing to see how all the things you talked about have started 'slipping into place' for me and are now becoming my natural way of thinking. 
Laura, a picture is much more powerful than a thousand words.....
These are pictures that I took of my study a couple of months ago.  This room quite simply filled me with dread.  I was terrified to go into this room.  I would intermittently open the door to the room to keep dumping all my work materials in there.  The room was quickly getting out of control, yet I couldn't find the motivation or desire to 'tackle it'.  The 'room' reminded me of work. The more I avoided it, the worse it became. I got to the point, I couldn't bear going into the utility room which was beside 'the room'. This 'room' terrified me. It made my heart race, my hands sweat and made my entire body feel fear.  
Laura Cadman Ltd

The first picture was taken on the day I had the courage to open the door. I used to be ashamed of this room. It struck fear in me....Through coaching with you, I have managed to face the room and get it into a respectable state. The last photo is the room as it is now. 
I can now sit back and say I am no longer ashamed to look at the first picture. I can now see the room for what I believe it represented- the state of my mind. The room was in chaos, like my mind. The room represented the state I was in when I got signed off work. I was a mess...I no longer feel ashamed of that room. The picture of that room makes me feel sympathy for me, for what I had become. I was trying to hold it all together. I tried for too long.....
Now I am working with you and I am beginning to get clarity. The room is symbolic of my mind and look at it now! 
Laura, I am getting really emotional writing this post. I now realise how far I have come. I would never have been able to do it without you. I genuinely can not thank you enough.  You really have given me a sense of hope for my future x

I had reached a place in my life where I felt stuck and I really didn’t know how to make change happen.  I feel very lucky to have found Laura. The changes she helped me achieve meant that I felt myself beginning to feel lighter and more positive almost immediately.

I had worked with change coaches before, but this was different.  I never imagined that Laura would be so supportive and help me with so many parts of my life.  She made me see how all these parts are connected and repairing just one part would never be enough.  All of this has helped me to move past some of the traumas that stood in my way and the lasting effects are proof that this isn’t just a quick fix.   I now have so many techniques and tools to help me deal with the small things that took up so much of my time, worries and stresses.   My workbook stays with me always and I often use it, especially my mind shifting statements, when I feel the need for a positive boost to my day. 

I’m excited to live my life with my new levels of confidence in myself and my abilities.  Thank you, Laura.

Thank you

The Cake and Confidence session was a really valuable experience for me on a both personal and professional level.  It clarified in my own head what my personal next steps need to be and made sense of behaviour I have witnessed in a professional capacity.  I have used this knowledge in the last few days. Thank you
Laura helped facilitate positive change in my life.  She helped me identify what was important and most in line with who I am...As well as who I want to be.

At all times I was fully supported using differents tools, including a resilience workbook which was so helpful.

Laura's coaching was the start of a journey into my life change and I can not wait for future stages.

Thank you, Laura, for helping me in set up ways of thinking and new ways of handling my behaviour. I’m finding now I’m opening up new opportunities and possibilities and things have happened so much quicker than I thought. The real impact you’ve made has gained me so much clarity and allowed me to move forward so much quicker than I expected. It’s been absolutely brilliant!

I just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed our coaching sessions– more importantly, I was amazed at a real change over the last month – my interaction with others has changed significantly especially in my work environment but also in all my social time too– I am excited for what I can achieve next!

I have no idea how you did it but you really helped me make a shift in how I think about the things concerning me and my self-belief, Thank you.