Self Belief - 90 Day Transformation with Laura Cadman

Do you want to create a level of SELF-BELIEF which is strong and sustainable, leading to a future of your design, but there is something getting in your way?

Do you find that…

- You wonder how everyone else manages to hold it together?

- You doubt your abilities and think maybe success isn’t really for you?

- You wonder when someone will realise, you’re just pretending to know what you are doing?

- You procrastinate from key tasks and completing tasks hard for yourself?

- You feel overwhelmed by everything you have to get done?

- You are desperate to reclaim a sense of balance in your life?

- You don’t know where to start to make things better?

So why are you stuck? Why are the conscious choices you make not working?

I bet that you beat yourself up for not being able to just get on with it or ‘buck up’ and wish you could figure out how to make the anxiety and self-doubt go away – and yet you stay stuck.  That used to be me too!

That’s because there is a very important factor, you’re not paying enough attention to… your unconscious mind!

You are capable of making the change you want and achieving your goals, you just have to learn how to apply the techniques and focus in a supportive and productive way.

I’ve experienced all of these things, and it wasn’t until I acknowledged the power of my own unconscious mind, that huge shifts started for me. Read more about my story here.



You can achieve your goals and shift your mindset on your own 90-day journey.

This is for you if…

-     You are ready to regain control of your life and your mindset

-     You are excited to try a new approach and experience how transformational working with your unconscious mind can be

-     You have a desire to level-up your business/career/personal life but are worried about what it will take

-     You want to enjoy the journey and bring joy & happiness more into your day

-     You are ready to invest in yourself for the next level of success and abundance

This is a supportive one-to-one program to truly transform the way you show up in your life.


It will be perfect for you if you are seeking clarity, focus, accountability and deeply wanting to break through any limiting beliefs or ‘bad habits’ keeping you stuck.

In 90 days together we will:

Get really clear on what success looks like/sounds like/feels like for you


Set meaningful goals that you are motivated to achieve and deal with procrastination


Create a 90-day plan to move you towards success


Hold weekly one-hour calls (12 weeks) to help you focus, keep you accountable and help with any other issues as they arise


Conduct a life audit to help you identify patterns and habits that both inspire and motivate, and hold you back


Use NLP techniques to guide you through removing your limiting beliefs and blocks which are holding you back


Identify which affirmations will help you to focus on achieving your goals and learn to embed them in everyday life


Complete a three-stage resilience workbook to make sure your results are sustainable, changing your life forever.

To get started click the button below to schedule your free discovery call.  I like to talk to all my clients before we make firm arrangments.  This means we can make sure we are compatible and you can maximise the outputs of your learning.  So book now, choosing the FREE discovery call option.

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